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im now here at work. petiks to the max. system is down. and relaxing, chiilin out, listening to music, net surfing, watching dvd. wahaha. Masaya ang call center life tuwing system down. no complications. no irate customers and no problems to solve. but duh! in my dreams!
im currently reading a soft copy of Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. i got curious to read the book after i watched the movie. i know its just fictional but its interesting that the author imagined that Jesus, is said to have a wife - Mary Magdalene. great imagination Mr. Brown. Nyway, reading the book seems to be a better way to spend some of my petiks time here at work. Naghihintay na mag uwian na or mag up ang system, whichever will come first.

My picture held a commotion awhile ago with all my coworkers. A picture that was left of the 4 pictures i erased from my phone. i regret deleting those since they are good shots however i dont feel like keeping a picture like that on my phone.
Last March 28, i took some pictures using my camphone it was like 10 or more pitctures of myself at my post. petiks time din nun. and that's what i usually do if i get bored. use my camera phone. I didnt realized it until a month later that 4 of those pictures captured a "ghost". I do know that there are lost souls at our office. My office workers especially those who have open third eyes shares alot of stories of how they see a woman, a naugthy little boy and a black man at work. endof April, i was always seated with Rochelle, and to prevent each other from falling asleep at work ... we keep ourselves busy by talking about ghost and telling ghost stories. I was too curious that i surfed thru the net and found a forum moderated by the people who publish Philippine Ghost Stories - a series of books retelling ghostly encounters. It was a nice site and i got hooked. Learned a lot from them. I especially liked the part that if the people with active third eye looks at a pictures with a ghost or an entity they would feel a headache. *damn why is my head starting to ache right now* I got my cp and looked closely at all my pictures. scrutinizing them and zooming them at every angle. then i found one picture with me at my post .... behind me was the server room ... a three-room made as one with glass as its window. its a big server room yet only a portion of it is used. Dun sa pinakadulo ng room kita sa glass na may lalaking nakaside view. Di maaninag yung face nya. Basta itim yung face at white yung damit nya. I thought he might be a technical person just checking the servers. Again, he can be seen to three more pictures. I didnt gave a big deal out of it but when i checked the time that those pictures was taken..... i freaked out. the first picture was taken 12:12am (i work in a call center ) ...... and the second, third and fourth picture was taken around 1:54 with seconds difference that was almost 2 hours span from the first pic to the 4th pic. you might say, not a big deal eh but..... that was the time that it downed on me that technical people doesnt reach that part of the server rooms since there are no computers at the last end or last window. Just a hollow ref-like server box. They dont stay at the same place for a very long time kasi tsi ne check lang nila yung mga cables and plugs then aalis na. Theres no way na pwede cla mapasama sa pictures ko accidentally dahil they dont stay there for 2 hours. And the man on the picture does not have a face. Black lang talaga. When i showed it to my co-workers na may open third eye... they were shocked. all 3 of them confirmed that this is a malevolent entity. We sent it to rochelle, whos phone is a 6600 with 100% zoom and kitang kita talaga ang face nya. In one picture, na kaharap pa sya and its interesting na may naaninag ako na sungay at goatee. *shocks! nananakit ang batok ko... nakatalikod ako actually sa server room while writing this entry*. I was scared. Unfortunately I kept the picture for like a week kaso natakot din me kaya inerase ko na sila sa memory card ko. May isa pang naiwan, an MMS copy nung ni try kong i send sa bestfriend kong si mae. When i showed it to my other officeates kanina .... ehehe... alot of them ay natakot din. I hope i can find a way na ma post dito yung pic. By the way, I dont know if its coincidence but ...... March 28, the day i took the pic, was the day that my mom needed hospitalization. She experienced great pain in her womb that she required emergency operation. Creepy but is it a sign or just plain coindcidence. ???

Edited: Here is the picture.

end of log.

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  1. lalaki nga yun ah,katakot naman sa office niyo andami pala diyan,nyyayysss


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