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just got home. my bestfriend and i went out and watched a movie..... guess what movie? ehehe anu pa edi xmen! ganda ng movie. I hope i got to see cyclops and rogue in action though. well, after watching a movie we went to SPI, met hazel, lux and vy . I hope we had mch more time..... but i have to go home na and we cant wait till 8pm eh.... sorry guys.... i relly miss you though and still hoping we can get a chance together these days.

Dumating na kanina 7pm sa pier ng barko na sinasakyan ng honey ko. I told yah he is doing his apprenticeship sa isang shipping company. Unfortunately hindi sya pwedeng pumunta ngayun sa haws. Bukas na lang daw nya ako bisitahin. ok

***edited *** erased some entries***

end of log.
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