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Fixin' a broken heart

"Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again; skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts." -Anonymous

There's very little in life that hurts as much as a broken heart. I always wished there were a guide on dealing with the pain of having loved and lost. So I'm gonna make an attempt at such a guide. Based on my many days dealing with a broken heart in what I call "the pain chamber," I'd like to share some thoughts on what's gotten me through:

1. Keep in mind that a broken heart is part of being human

Be wary of the person who hasn't dealt with a broken heart. No matter how strong you might be, if you're open to love, you're automatically vulnerable to pain. So don't feel bad if you’re in the pain chamber. Know that it's very normal and very much a part of being human.

2. Light the fire

When dealing with heartbreak, sometimes it helps to get a little fired up! You can spend a lot of time bummed out and weeping, but at a certain point, it might help to get off your ass. Go for a run, lift some weights, scream if you must. Think Rocky Balboa meets the Karate Kid. In other words, get pumped.

3. Take solace in the fact that things have a way of working out

It's hard to understand the first time your heart is broken. But over time, you come to realize that there's a certain rhyme and reason to life.

4. Feel the pain

We can exhaust ourselves fighting the pain. Allowing yourself to feel the pain rather than resist it sometimes can be very healing.

just sharing the thoughts I found on the net

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