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.new year, new goals.

it's been a while since i last posted something here. The past 2 months has been so toxic for me. I haven't been able to breath due to alot of work. Would you believe i was having over time at work for 4-6 hours everyday?! Whew! I'm glad that was over now. But I cant say it is REALLY over. I might be back to that schedule for all we know.

Another reason why i was unable to update is that i have no ready access to PC and internet. But, I might be getting a laptop this year... Yipeee! Let's wait and find out.

Anyways, New Year, New goals! I have so many things to accomplish this year I dont know where to start! I'm so excited. I am set to fly again the end of January. That will only be for 2 weeks but another addition to experience. It will be nice to experience winter in the US right? What do i feel by now.... hmmm.. i have mixed emotions... kinda happy to be back in the US but also concerned about ... hmm... whattaheck! Lets just think positive right?! KOrek!

I plan to learn more this year. I might take accounting seminars..... or learn a new language... depending on my schedule. We'll see... heee heee i'm so excited for the new experiences and learning that i will get.

My brother is graduating this March. We plan to move to a bigger apartment or house when he finally has his own job. We also would like to start building/finishing our house in cavite. Maganda sana kung ma pa extend na namin yun ng 2 floors, ma lagyan ng 2 bedrooms, ma pa tiles ang floor at ma pa finish yung exterior aside from completing the appliances... seems like a big and lavish task to accomplish but doable naman.

Oh! ... let me tell you too that Rodel will finish his contract this Jan. 15. He said he will be giving me alot of time by then. One thing he does not do before. But why am i not excited about that news? hmmmmm ... i planned alot of things for me this year. Funny that hindi ko ata sya na include sa plans ko? hmm.. why is that so? I'm afraid to find out.....

Haaaapppy New YEar!!!!!

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