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.brian gorell.

i heard about him from GoodTimes with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee (the radio show every morning 6AM - 9AM from Magic89.9 the other day. At first, i didnt mind about him. But after alot of publicity and controversial going on, I finally snooped and surf around and read more about him. He is an australian that was scammed by the so called "Gucci Gang" for $75,000. Gosh, that is more or less 3 million pesos. His story is sad. Lokohin ka ba naman ng taong mahal mo. Waldasin ang hard earned money na kailanganin mu pang ibenta ang bahay at business mo tapos in the end eh nag laho lang na parang bula. Hindi na bago ang story ng lokohan. We all know na manloloko ang lahing Pilipino. I can say not all, but most of us are. Yeah, I am a Pilipino and I am not proud to be one. In my opinion, wala ng pag asa ang Pinas. Hindi na sya uunlad hanggat hindi na tototal revamped ang mga taong namumuno sa Pilipinas. And what I mean by total revamp is, bumuka ang lupa at kainin lahat ng politiko sa gobyerno at palitan ng bagong henerasyon na totoong nagmamahal sa bansang to. Why am i getting alot of angst here? ... hahaha.. i guess i was just moved by Brian's blatant and painful dissecttion of the Philippine ways.Of course aside from the juicy stuff and chismis tungkol sa Philippine society and showbiz. I should have blogged about these stuffs before... I should have found a way to make a better world. Starting with one post at a time. hmmm... seems like a huge task but.. well see...

anyway, here's a video interview of Brian's interview sa TV Patrol.

and the link to his blog...

i have just started reading his blog and it fascinates me how he have that heart to care for the poor people here in my country despite what some people did to him. it's true that there are just a lot of flaws in this beautiful country, and it's a shame because most people who has the capacity to make our lives easier would rather keep the money to themselves, invest it to make them wealthier, or waste it on nonsense designer clothings that could have fed the whole barangay.

I can enumerate alot more issues but I guess alam naman nating lahat yan. we just have to look around us and we can see how corrupt and disgusting our country is.

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  1. hi sis,
    have been reading that blog too from quite some time now. hehe, found it from one of the bloggers din - grabe nga eh. it wasn't the same now when i was reading it before - i guess he opened the blog now kasi nga ayaw syang bayaran talaga. hay grabe tong story na to - :)


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