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.meet my new desktop.

Boredom... and constant staring at the lifeless windows xp desktop makes me want to hurl my laptop outside but I cant do that since this is practically not mine. Company issued as you know.

Nevertheless, i found a site that taught me a lot of new and cool things to do with my boring lappy. Introducing Make Use I have been visiting this blog/site for a couple of weeks and found some nifty stuff regarding IT , softwares, web applications and cool tools.

This site inspired me to organize my desktop. I so like the wallpaper that they featured in "The best sources to pimp your desktop" .
An aerial view of New York!...

I searched the net and found some cool applications and here is my desktop now.
Sometimes I also switch my wallpaper from Vista themed ones to the Landscape pics.

I used Yahoo clock widget that sits in my screen so I always see what time is it in St. Louis since I am supporting this timezone. I found Zune desktop theme that converted my boring blue xp theme to a rocker style Black theme. And I also found Desktop Calendar that has notes, tasks, calendar and alarm rolled into one! I love it! My super organizer.

Mitzi says I'm kinda OC when it comes to alot of things. I want everything to be in order always. I think she is right, I look at my lappy's desktop and I am so proud of organizing. I get the kicks just by looking at things in their proper places. Adik! hahaha...

In the meantime I would like to see what your desktop looks like. What tools and strategies do you use to keep it clean and organized? Or what makes your desktop special? Post a comment or better yet mail me a screenshot. I'd like to feature your desktop on my blog. Thanks!


  1. naku - my disappointing IBM thinkpad wouldn't be able to handle if I install so much applications into my lappy - it wouldn't bare - hehe. i'm hopeful to have the lenovo next week. weeee. i might not dive into Vista themed applications or vista feel theme - i just want a nice workable laptop - ung kahit 30 applications running at the same time eh - hindi bibigay. enjoy ur lappy sis! :)

  2. weepeee...salamat po sa pagdaan..sure thing u can post it...aheks... ^_^

  3. weeeh... salamat sa pagdaan supergulaman! from


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