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Kennys Grill

First time i got to step to Rockwell Mall. Hon and Me ate at Kennys Grill. The food was all natural... I mean.. you can really taste that the strawberry shake was made from real "just-prepared" strawberry. And the spaghetti I ordered was very fulfilling.

I also got to lay my hands and buy my very first Belle De Jour planner. Why did I say my first? Of course, I plan to buy the planner next year. I love it! Thanks sis Mae for introducing me to BDJ. :)


  1. sigh, see? I'm really like wasted and all over the place ... every Christmas. I'm supposed to get you one sis, last Christmas and this Xmas. haaaaay, Im actually supposed to blog this story but I couldn't find my damn USB for my phone, anyway. I LOVE YOU. enjoy your BDJ! :)

  2. I miss Kenny Roger's! Uber love their cheeseburger :)


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