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Signs that Someone is "Taken"

I'm back to night shift for a week or two. I am able to listen again to my fave morning radio programs. It's either Mo Twister and Mojo or Chicco and Delamar.

This morning, it's funny listening to Chicco and Delamar's top ten.
Signs that Someone is "Taken"

The best one that really struck me....

"Pag sweldo ang single gumigimik..... ang taken, nag gogrocery!"

Waaah! Where's my effin' social life? I dont get to go out and enjoy anymore.
The closest I had to go on a date with Hon is goin' to the supermarket and grocery. Every Saturday is now turned to Market and Laundry day. (sigh)

Valentine's a week from now... I'm wishin' he is thinking something special for me. :)

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