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.Bachie and Me.

Charm and Mitzi has been telling me to watch this film "Marley and Me". It stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. My friends said that when they watched the movie, they thought about me and Bachie -my yellow labrador retriever that I usually refer to as my "anak". I search the net and found the trailer of that movie here.


Watching the movie trailer, I can't help but giggle to all the funny scenes that made me think of Bachie. Marley is so much like my baby Bachie. They destroy anything in sight especially shoes, slippers and throw pillows. They both are afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks. They love to play with water... And they like to run and chase everything that is moving.

I think this is a nice movie, and I'm hoping Hon and I could find a time this weekend to watch it together. We can't watch it tomorrow since he will be attending some training for this week. So I will have to wait 'till weekend.

I also found out that there is a book with the same title that has been printed 2005. I'm gonna drop by tomorrow at Fullybooked and grab a copy of this one. ^_^ I read from reviews that it is a good book.

These past few weeks, I have been thinking of selling my Lab. I'm worried that she is taking so much of my mom's time and much of my hard earned cash. Imagine having to allot a separate budget that is much more than what a sack of rice costs just for her dog food only for a month. I know I should have thought about it before adopting her. Having a dog is like having a child. She needs a lot of attention as well as care and training. Most of these days, I could not find a spare time to read a book, what more to care and take a spoiled Labrador bratinella like Bachie to a daily walk. ^_^ But you know what is good about her? Her just being there. Always following me, or sitting or looking at me with her puppy eyes as if saying... Mom, you look tired? Dyou need a hug? awwww! She is soo adorable. Most of the time, she drives me and my mom crazy of her pagpapasaway. But after all the scolding session, she will just lay on her huge belly then make a "malalim na buntonghininga" where I would just giggle and laugh at her. She looks very convincing kasi sa kanyang pag papaawa-look. ^_^

Here are some of her pics...
Bachie and her brother before I adopted her.

Here is bachie now pag napapagalitan...

Here is my Bachie with Hon... (gapos namin kasi she runs away twing malalaman pinipicturan sya)

More Pics of my baby Bachie from being a cute furball of happiness growing up to be the now attention-loving and hug-addicted part of my family.
Bachie @ My Multiply Site

Here is a link of another post I made about Bachie ...

Her 1st year birthday is coming up soon. I wish I could throw a party for her. If I do that... Daisy, Charm, Mitzi and Mae, as being her "Ninang" would you go and see her please? Sis Mae, I know you are afraid of dogs... but atleast... send a gift na lang.. Hahaha! :P

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