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Ako Mismo!!!

I have seen this star-studded tv commercial and has been thinking about it since then.

Is this another political campaign? - I hate politics and is constantly irritated by faces of politicians flagging their faces in tv.

Is this another Fashion statement? - I admit the dog tags are cool! I have seen the same dog tag campaign from Francis Magalona's clothing company.

Is this another TV programme? - I hardly have time to watch tv shows. But I think this is a cool advertising strategy to make me watch it.

Alot of people is concerned who owns the site and I found YugaTech posted this in his blog Who Owns Ako Mismo?

There are also people who are cynical and thinks that the information required by the web site to sign up will be used for political agenda. Which the site denied.

Edu Manzano has mentioned that "Bawal ang mga pulitiko" in this website.

Visited the site and snooped around ... Ako Mismo.Org

And I finally gave in to my curiosity and registered! It's about time Pinoys unite.

Ako Mismo! ^_^

"The dogtag is a military symbol, a commitment to a mission, and we see the advocates as an army of hope.Ako Mismo is an inclusive movement where the more people we have taking positive action, big or small, the closer we will all be to creating a better future for Filipinos. "

And this is not because I have been re watching Platoon, Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan these past few days. Ahaha! ^_^

end of log.


  1. Checked their website. I'm looking forward when they take it to the streets and the slums where people don't get too digital.

  2. yeah..i agree with you peenkfrik.. that will be a nice plan too... most people in the country dont have access to internet but has the will to volunteer for a good cause. Hopefully the organizers of this advocate can go to the streets and also let the "common" people "register" by signing and not just relying in the online registration. ...


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