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Today, I decided to find a counter for my blog. Five years ago, I only have Site Meter. But since I am deciding to make it big in the blogosphere and be on top of list, I added a few tricks and tweaks. Note that today, I am #996 but after a few hours my blog went to rank #817. ^_^

Check out this flag and visitor counter. Besides displaying the top countries flag with their count it also provides my site and my visitors with some interesting stats about this blog. It also shows the number of people currently online, visitors today, and visitor stats for the month. The total number of visitors is also shown! That is actually what a counter is meant for.

But there is one big drawback. It starts counting from zero and I cannot adjust it to my present visitor count which started May 2004. But it is great for someone who is starting a new blog. One will need to register at Web Seo Masters to get this widget.

Happy counting! ^_^

end of log.

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