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Angels and Demons Movie

Today, I watched Angels and Demons directed by Ron Howard.
I have not read the book by Dan Brown and from my experiences on the Harry-Potter-books-made-into-Movies, I would not be surprised if the movie version strayed a bit from the novel. Some Dan Brown fanatic would agree with me on that.

Comparing Angels and Demons to the Da Vinci Code, I'd prefer the latter. For me, Da Vinci Code almost convinced me on some of it's very sensitive issues about Faith and the Lord's Bloodline rather than the issue of Illuminati anti-matter bomb threat.

Following Robert Langdon and Vittoria around Rome and seeing those magnificient Roman scupltures and chapels which I remember from my college Philisophy subject was great. However, unraveling the various mysteries, anagrams and number puzzles with Sophie Neveu and Langdon while being chased between life and death in Paris in the Da Vinci Code was more exhilarating.

I cringed seeing how the 3rd Prefereti was murdered. This made me remember the Silent Hill Movie I watched 2006 which left me a few sleepless nights. T_T


  1. silent hill ang favorite ke horror movie ko... hehehe..

    as they say, mas maganda un book sa movie. ALWAYS.:)

  2. Haven't seen the movie but I've read it. Both books spark anyone's imagination. :)

  3. haven't seen the movie wala akong balak panoorin sa big screen...antay ko na alng sa dvd..hehe
    nabasa ko na yung book, maganda maraming suspense sa plot ng story.
    Recommend ko read mo yung book.

  4. i love the books and i love the movies..=) pero ung HP, i don't patronize it tlga.dko alam y.hehe.
    hntay ko nlng digital fortress and deception point..hehe.sana meron.toinkz.

  5. silent hill? natapos ko na ang series nyan sa PS2...

  6. Super naawa ako dun sa old cardinal na yun who was burned alive... :(

  7. @Yza: waaah! msyado violent ang Silent Hill. Di ko kinaya. T_T
    I agree that the book is always better than the movie... kaya style ko ngayun... I will watch the movie then read the book... ahaha... so that wala msyado expectations on the film.

    @PeenkFrik: Ive read the Da Vinci Code before and I liked it.

    @SoberFrutiCake: My bestfriend loves all Dan Brown books too. ^^

    @Tonio: wow! congrats Tonio. Mahilig ka pala sa PS2 games?

    @Angel: I am too. T_T
    Kung pwede nga lang cgurong tumulong.... di ko kinaya yung scene na yun.

    Thanks Guys and Gals for commenting! ^_^


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