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How much do you Spend at your Birthday?

Pinoys have this culture of always celebrating. We have a numerous holidays, fiestas around the country and birthdays are not excluded in the celebrations. Birthday celebrations now adays are not cheap. If you have a lot of friends with different group denominations, it can even get more expensive. Barkadas can require you to have a drinking session at a bar or maybe a video-oke over night at your house.

You celebrate with your family, you celebrate at your office and you celebrate with your friends. With the financial crisis worldwide and job lay-offs here and there, once could not help but to think twice in spending their hard earned moolah.

This year, my birthday happens to be on a Monday so I have applied for a vacation Leave from work. Last Thursday May 7, I advance celebrated my birthday at the office with some of my close friends. (Charm! sori.. di ko alam kung nasan ka). Mga mare ko'y pagpatawad nyo na ako kung ako'y nagkukuripot. ^_^ I was able to spend only less than 2 thou. Gemma helped me call a Pancit bihon delivery for 1 bilao good for 20 persons where we spent PhP890.00. Then I bought a Strawberry Cake from Goldilocks for PhP305.00. I also added 2 whole Roasted Chicken bought at the supermarket for PhP 135.00 each. Then Sese, Gemma and Mitzi contributed 2 gallons of ice cream, a pistachio and chocolate flavored. Thanks mga mare! ^_^ Nabusog naman sila.

I am not sure on celebrating my birthday with my soul sisters-Remyxx since I have not heard from them for a long time. Mae is in US. Hazel and Ivy are busy with work. While Mhe-ann and Lucky are preparing for their weddings.

Today, the day of my birthday, I would like it to be very simple. I would only celebrate it with my mom, my bro and my hon. Maybe cook a simple dinner for four. I am budgeting around 2 thousand. This is enough for me to celebrate it with my love ones.


  1. Happy Birthday Reyna! Darn, I missed it... Wishing you all the love in the world. I'll set a dinner for us (mitzi, daisy and haidee) before I left..*hug*

  2. salamat charmpot! mwahugs din sayu :*


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