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SEO - whatta eff is that?

Search Engine Optimization. - is where you improve the volume of traffic to your web site via search results. The earlier your site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive.

I have been blogging for a long time and had kept this as a personal page where I rant my frustations. But since yesterday that I decided to make it public, I have decided to learn some things necesary for a successful blog. Right now I am still learning.

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I am amazed that some personal blogs and pages earn dollars and are paid for every advertisement. I have kept my blog "ads-free" before but now I have changed my mind. I didn't know they pay so well. ^_^

Pero hindi naman ganyan ka dami! Kahit sa picture man lang makakita tayu ng madaming pera! hahaha...
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My friends might see some major changes here soon. Right now, I just just happy seeing my rank go up in the TopBlogs site. I also have this certain high whenever I see new guests visiting and leaving some messages.

Hopefully, by blogging responsibly, I can gain a few friends and followers.

Happy Visitin'!


  1. wow enge po...panu po ung cbox niyo?dko nkikita msg ko,hehe

  2. waaaah..... salamat hari sa pagtambay! ^_^ yaan mo pag yumaman ako mamumudmod ako ng datung!

    waaah... baka naka disable internet cookies mo po kaya di ka maka post sa chat box ko... T_T

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