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A(H1N1): 344 in RP and Best in Mask Winners!

18 June 2009
Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III today reported 149 fully recovered patients more were sent home while confirming 33 new cases, all mild in nature.
Twenty-four of the cases are male, while the rest of the 33 are female. The age range of these cases is from 1 to 52 years old with a median age of 17 years old. All but two of the 33 are Filipinos. These new additional cases bring the total count to 344.
Duque announced that the 149 fully recovered patients bring the total count of recovered A (H1N1) cases to 242.
“So far the country has no reported case of death or severe illness in all of the 344 documented positive cases,” Duque stressed.
In their latest report dated June 15, the WHO has reported 35,928 cases and 163 deaths from 76 reporting countries.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 June 2009 14:11 )


With all the fear and paranoia about A(H1N1), we should always still find a way to put a smile kahit na naka mask yan! ^_^

Keep Smilin'!


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