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Father's Day

Today, I am giving a shout out to my blogger friends who are fathers and to my friend's daddys. Some even proudly posted pics of their fathers. Enjoy this special day for you and cherish each moment with your family.

I will not elaborate why I am only greeting fathers of my dear friends and not mine. Below are some quotes of my previous posts to give you an idea why today is not that special for me and not celebrated on my calendar.

I wish that "someone out there" was also keeping pictures of me... thinking about me, like i am thinking about him now. Does he miss me? Does he want to hug me and tell me stories too? I guess I wouldn't know until the fateful day we meet again... someday, somewhere in the right time and in the right place. When all wounds have been healed and all pains have been erased. - Reyane's thoughts on KC meets up with Dad

... hindi ko na maririnig yung nakakatawa nyang pananagalog para maintindihan ko. Nanghihinayang ako kasi hindi ko natupad yung promises ko sa kanya na bibilhan ko sya ng inom. ... and I consider myself so lucky to have been blessed by a very loving Tatay Emin(my Grandpa). Tay, nasan ka man ngayun.... i love you po... and I'm happy na kasama mo na si Lord. Na mimiss kita... *tears* - Reyane's thoughts on Mourning


  1. Happy Father's Day sa iyong Daddy Reyane...

  2. Happy Father's Day to your lolo or to whoever is taking the role of a father in your life...

  3. @Momi Peach... right now .... wala po... but thanks... I am where I am because it happened.

  4. I know ur grandpa is happy wherever he is. :)

  5. hi there! Ü
    hmm okay ka lang po ba?
    ehe'! de ako maxado maka react kasi de ko alam yung buong storya mo.

    pero ikaw na rin nagsabi andito ka dahil sa mga nangyari sayo.

    i know you are strong :D

  6. Happy Fathers Day sa dad mo!

  7. tara reyane tayo nalang maginom. :D hehe happy pops day sa lahat ng pops. ma pa literal na pops or sugar pops. :D haha. sorry talagang masaya ang mood ko hehehehehehe...:)

  8. I am sure you were very much loved, and that's the greatest thing in the world.

    Take care, Reyane! ♥


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