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How to Stop Spammer Bots From Getting Your Private Info Online

We usually spend a good part of our day posting on blogs and forums. We should always try to obscure our email address when posting by making it a little bit harder on bots prowling the net for emails by using something like reyane at domainname dot com instead of the normal The reason for doing this is to avoid the bots that searches the internet and collect email address for their spam list and other evil mis-deeds.

In line with this, I discovered

Hidetext does a very simple job and at the same time help users FOR FREE. Now if you want to post your email address for HUMANS to contact you - you can use HideText to automaticalyy create an IMAGE with your text. This cannot be parsed by bots and is great for emailing data you would not want to fall in the wrong hands.

See how it works.
After browsing on over to the site I decided if I want to create a text image or a simple image for my email address. I tried it and found out that it is also impossible to copy and paste the text! Nice.

I tried to Hide my email. And it created a pretty graphic using my provider's logo.

Happy Hiding! ^_^

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