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Monday na naman, I am again going to start another chaotic week at work. Sometimes, I just want to be in this place... Narerelax ako whenever I see a lot of books. I spent most of my college life in a library and this is a place where I feel comfort and peace. Isolation from the chaotic world. Bukod sa tahimik talaga maglagi sa library or sa bookstore... I also gain knowledge in reading. Internet has provided us with all the information that we need in just a click. But I still get a certain high whenever I spend time reading a book.

What's your way to relax?


  1. nice! i usually relax at home, just become a couch potato, foodtrip then watch dvds, surf the net. just like anybody else. boring stuffs, ahehe

  2. I stay at home and just watch tv or listen to music. Or I just blog. : )

  3. DVD's, lots of it
    and yes, books!
    felt like I can't live without it...
    never fails to soothe the spirit.

  4. To me, drinking tea and having a nice talk is relaxing. Reading is good too. Sometimes I hang out at National Bookstore. :D


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