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G. I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra Movie (2009)

Hon is not a movie buff like me and he finds movie time a usual time to sleep. But aside from Marley and Me, this is another movie that kept him awake for the whole time. Action packed and thrilling, literally hinihingal ako sa mga action scenes ng movie na to. When I was a kid, instead of playing Barbie dolls, I used to envy my playmates if they have G.I. Joe action figures.

I love every thing in this movie lalo na si Channing Tatum! ^_^ Hahaha....
The high tech Gadgets, the full combat uniforms, the story, the actors, the ass kicking lady soldiers and the premise that there will be a sequence to this movie.... I love it.

I forgot na what G.I. means.... so I googled it. It means, Government Issued Joe. ehehe... Dyou know san ako makakabili ng action figure ni Scarlett?


  1. hindi ko pa napapanood yan... wala kasi ako time manood ng marathon-sleep-work yan ang routine ko araw araw..pag weekend naman kasi pahinga lang...hehe
    pero maganda nga yang movie na yan... cant wait for dvd to release...

  2. astig to! though di ako faithful fan nung cartoons, i really enjoyed the toys. magnda yung execution nila sa movie, though may cheesy parts si duke, ok lng, macho pa rin.hehe.

    cant wait for the sequel, go joe!haha

  3. Channing makes me think nasty thoughts. Wahaha! 0: )


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