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100 Kissing Quest

A Taiwanese woman's ambition to kiss 100 men in Paris has become an overnight web sensation after she provided details of the quest on her much-visited blog. Yang Ya-ching, a 27-year-old music major living in the French capital, has so far notched up 54 smooches, she said on her blog, which features photos of some of the encounters. Visit her blog at Ya Ya-ching
Oh Wow! Geeh! These are hot Parisian men... Why hadn't I thought of this genious idea when I was in US? Ahahaha....toinks... Just kiddin' Hon.. ^_^


  1. ayos sa trip ah. para lang mag-generate ng maraming hits sa site nya.

  2. oo nga Calvs eh...

    Gusto ko sanang mabasa yung stories behind those smooches... kaso... in Taiwanese yung site... hahaha.. nag kasya na lang tuloy ako sa katitingin ng Photo Albums nya.


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