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Project X... The Updates

Hey friends!... Last May, I talked about the Project X that I said I will be working on. I have been putting alot of thought into it and laying out the foundations. I had previously planned to announce it on June but due to a very busy work life it got postponed. These past week, I've been able to get a few days off and worked on it again. I set to get this up and full blast by October 1. Everyday, I chant this mantra... "To get started, you must have a destination. Begin with an end in Mind. Visualize your goals". Ahuuummm..... Ahhhmmmmm.... ^_^

Here are some of the things that I am currently busy with.

1. Research, research, research - Checked!
2. Setup email and online accounts - Checked!
3. Setup Multiply and Sulit sites - Checked!
4. Design and Print business cards for the Shop - Checked!
5. Photos and item presentation skills - Checked!
6. Materials and Items needed - Working on it!
7. Items to be added in the Store - Working on it!
8. Target crowd and marketing plans - Working on it!
8. Online Store Go-Live - Target October 1

I am almost there....

In the Meantime... Please visit my Sulit Page and let me know what you think. I will definitely be adding more items in the coming days so please do come back and browse around.


And yeah.... Happy Long Weekend!

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