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The Life Changing Experience that Ondoy Taught Me

I've finally got some new and exciting adventures tonight... it made alot of changes in me and realized that there are so much more important things in life than money and material things...

... met some new friends who share the same sentiments that I have.... I don't need to stay in front of the tube and just stare at the miserable conditions of my fellow Pinoy... I can help.

I was looking for action.... went to Red Cross QC and Pasig chapter... kala ko re-packing lang.... was shocked to learn that we are getting deployed to flooded areas to distribute relief goods... stand for 4 hours... rode an army truck... stand in bayanihan lines... and helped transfer pack goods. In short... I am definitely getting the work-out I badly needed.....^_^

Typhoon Ondoy taught me to care for the status of my country. He taught me to get into action if I want changes. I have so many friends who were devastated by the Typhoon Ondoy and the best thing I can do... is help and volunteer!

Next week.... I am off to Habitat for Humanity.... Care to join?

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