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My Two Lab

I am sooo down this week because I keep seeing alot of things to be sad about in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy.

In times like these I usually divert my attention to my loveones. They keep me sane and grounded. Sharing with you a video of the two most important babies in my life. Ang dalawang mahal ko sa buhay... My Labs *winks* at si Bachie, my LABrador... I love them both sooo much!

This video was taken during one of our usual Sunday afternoon exercise. Hon and I usually take Bachie to a stroll to the next village. Then we just run around. Afterwards, sobrang pagod na si Bachie she would be the one to initiate going home. Pagdating sa bahay... di na kame papansinin... pinagod daw namen... hahaha


  1. Labs are huge but still cute. ;)

  2. Thanks Kim!

    Teee heee... i love big dogs... especially Labs... they have the best temperament.. hindi marunong magalet... ^_^


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