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Belle De Jour 2010 Planner

Geeh! I didn't notice that my blog has been quite silent for a month now. T_T

I need to update this quick quick quick.

I know this is late but I received my Belle De Jour planner last Nov 6 through courier service. Yeah, I am a fan of the famous planner. I stopped liking the Starbucks planner since nairita akong magpaka adik sa kape worth thousands for the stickers to complete the stub. Gamit na gamit ko talaga ang Belle De Jour 2009 planner ko so for next year, October pa lang I was anticipating na. I found out from their site that they are accepting online orders. So whalla! I ordered one and got it within the week! Happy! ^_^

1 comment:

  1. hey, congrats! iL get mine on January so I can still use my last few pages for 2009.. sayang naman eh.

    pero it feels good that you're loving this na.:) i dumped na din starbucks. let my sister have that instead. hehe.


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