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A Prayer for the Philippines

Lord of the utmost High, Your loving heart is what makes us one nation.
In these trying times of the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng aftermath,
we lift to you our nation.
Help all those who are still in dire need of rescuing;
Strengthen the volunteers in the rescue and relief operations;
Heal those who are sick, grieving, and weak;
Envelope with your kindness those who are confused and lonely;
Inspire those who are able to contribute what they have;
Clear our hearts to set aside differences and conflicts.

May the Holy Spirit come upon us all to enlighten us
and see Your wisdom in all these and understand Your purpose.
Thank you for letting the sun shine on us this morning,
For the outpouring of love by the people are still able to do so
And for the gift of family, friends, and public service.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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