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"AyPad": Apple Ipad Unveiled!

The latest entertainment device, Ipad. Akala ko spoof pero trulily pala!
This over-sized iPod Touch is 9.7″ across and does what an iPhone can do, and more.
Apple iPad specs:
9.7″ display screen
16Gb to 64GB Flash Drive
1GHz Apple A4 Chip
Bluetooth 2.1
WiFi 802.11n
3G optional (uses new micro-SIM)
10 hours battery life
30 days standby

iPad WiFi 16GB: $499
iPad WiFi 32GB: $599
iPad WiFi 64GB: $699
iPad WiFi+3G 16GB: $629
iPad WiFi+3G 16GB: $729
iPad WiFi+3G 16GB: $829

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