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Microsoft Office 2010

I am definitely taking my blog to a new level by expanding my horizon and meeting new friends. Last night, I attended an invites only event - The "Microsoft VIP Blogger's Night". It was a technology preview of the MS Office 14. I got to mingle with fellow bloggers and Microsoft folks over free drinks and games. I also got to meet Venice, Calvin and Hannah, a few of the blogs I religiously follow.
Office 2010 was formerly known by its codename, Office 14. As you’ll recall, Office 2007 was codenamed Office 12. Microsoft skipped “13” because it was supposedly suspicious and superstitious about the connotations associated with the number.
As a working person who usually opens email first every morning in the office, I personally love the new Outlook. It has a conversation viewer that expands emails by conversation even if it was saved in different folders or pst which trims out unneccessary saving of the exchange of emails. As well as streamlined meetings. It shows a preview of your calendar before accepting a meeting invite. Here is a quick overview of the Office 14 Outlook.

There are also "oooh" worthy new tricks in the Office 14 Powerpoint. If you would like to see the new look of Office 14 here are the screenshots.The organizers also gave Top "Like" Bloggers a jacket and laptop bag. For all the 100 participants, they gave a goody bag with the Beta installer. You have to have 256 MB RAM and XP SP3 or Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS to install it.

Thanks Microsoft!


  1. hi nice meeting you. syang di ko na meet si hannah. first time i've seen her blog last night, bigatin din pala. hehehe. anyway.. till another blogger's event.

  2. Yep Yep! See you around! ^_^

  3. Yep Yep! See you around! ^_^

  4. ibang level sis.. another world ha. :)


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