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Goal: 100 days - This is day 1

Yep! As I've said yesterday, I laced up my running shoes and took up my first steps. Last time I had the motivation, it only lasted 1 week. For now, I am only aiming for 100 days. A mimimum of 1-2 hour brisk walking everyday. This goal is to get me moving and stop being a couch potato. If I would be able to complete this, I will move on to joining running events! Yipeee! I love getting natural high. I went to this park near our place. It is a good place to do early morning exercises. I love the view and the pond.
I wish I could do jogging however, due to an ACL injury I had years ago, this it quite difficult for me. For now, I would just take simple steps and walk my way up to fitness. These are the points I had to take up for tomorrow's walk. I'm hoping these will help me get a better exercise tomorrow.
1. Before doing some exercises, do warm - up and stretching.
2. Drink 1 500ml bottle of water.
3. Start earlier than 6am because the sun rises early these days.
4. Bring sunglasses.
5. Upload more upbeat and dance music in my MP3.
6. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Yesterday, I also bought some gear to get me motivated. A friend told me to get clothes that are comfortable and "dry-cool" .
Hope you can help me stay motivated! Happy Mondays Everyone!!!


  1. nice! new gear will get you motivated talaga. hope you would be able to complete your goal. if you're ready to run, pwedeng pang motivate din ang nike+.

  2. Awwww.... gusto ko na din bumalik sa ganyang activities ko... :(

  3. I wish I could do some running too, kaya lang hubby won't agree to my plan mahirap na daw ang dami kasing loko din dito. What I do is skipping rope, hingal to the max ever din pala mag skipping rope ^_^

    LP ~ Plastic/Plastik


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