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Renaissance Hotel - Missouri

Sharing pics of the Renaissance Hotel experience I had before. It is one of the best hotels that I've been to. This one is near Lambert Airport Missouri. The hotel room rate was $135.00 per night.
I had this room for myself. Two queen sized beds? Yes!... For 2 weeks I had the luxury of choosing if I wanna sleep on the other one near the bathroom or the one near the window. Those white sheets are sooooooo great to sleep into. They are changed everyday. Everyday was always a challenge to bring yourself up and get to work. Yes, those are my things.... Kinda messy because this was taken hours after we touched down. I was arranging my things.

The immaculate bathroom with bathtub.

This is the view outside the window. A view of St. Louis' Highway 70.

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  1. ayos! sarap talaga minsan ma-assign abroad. solo mo malaking kama. hahaha.


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