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What happens to your Online Presence After you Die?

For the last few months, I have been spending more time in the internet than going out and doing things. This made me miss opportunities for meeting new people and new friends. I regret to say that I spent more time Facebook Stalking, Blog reading, picture uploading and virtual Tweeting. Heck, I know some people who can't live a day without Facebook or Twitter!
Now, have you ever thought what happens to your internet presence after your death? Are all your emails gone forever? Who will update the status of your Twitter or Facebook now that you are gone? Actually, I happen to have a dilemma on who will post articles on my blog and what will happen to my domain because I know that after I fail to pay the yearly fee it will be lost forever! Gee! I'm so OC!

I guess you have not thought about this situation considering the fact that many of us would not want to die nor even think about it. It's just so morbid. But we also need to know that dying is inevitable and we cannot avoid such situation.

So, there are actually 2 options to deal with your internet presence after your death.

1. Dont worry about it since it will not affect you in any way! Of course, your gone, why do you still need to stress about it.
2. Or make sure to create a system or last-will testament so that your near ones step up and does whatever you wished to be done on all your online accounts.

TIME has an interesting article on this.
As people spend more time at keyboards, there's less being stored away in dusty attics for family and friends to hang on to. Letters have become e-mails. Diaries have morphed into blogs. Photo albums have turned virtual. The pieces of our lives that we put online can feel as eternal as the Internet itself, but what happens to our virtual identity after we die? It's a thorny question, and for now, the answer depends on which sites you use. Privacy is a major issue. So are company policies to delete inactive accounts.
Hmmm.... should I go back to Scrapbooking instead?


  1. oo nga no. dapat kasama sa last will and testament ang mga online accounts and passwords. hehehe.

  2. hmm oo nga noh...waaaaaah!

    pano kaya?? lekat naman pinag-isip mo pa'ko...hmm ill get back to you on this one, plamis

  3. hahahaha... ^__^

    pinag isip ko ba kayu... sori naman calvin and gayla... :D

    Pero, sayang lahat ng pinost nyu sa blog pag after you die eh madedelete din siya...

  4. ganto na lang, pag hindi na-update ang blog ko for a month isipin mong patay na'ko..its about time to pick up your phone and call me (just to confirm kung teok na talaga ako)

    after mong maconfirm, kunin mo sa sister ko yung brown envelope na may pangalan ko, andun lahat ng password at accounts ko online at mga pambayad, ok na ba yun? ikaw na gawin kong custodian?

    as for the post?hmmm pede ipa-copyright mo? hehehehe


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