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Frost at the Window..... of an Airplane

Sorry for the delay of updates on my blog. Been busy with alot lately. Allow me to track back and tell you what I was up to with the past weeks. I have the chance to fly again to St. Louis and visit my US boss for training about the system that I will be supporting. I've been wanting to write alot and tell you about so many things however, I was too busy with paperworks regarding my US trip. Just a quick post today, here is a shot I took during the flight. I was sitting near the window and praying to all saints because it was a very bumpy flight. I was still able to admire the beauty of this frost outside the airplane window. I was sitting beside the wing-part of the plane.
This is an entry for Macro Monday

macro monday

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  1. Here in Sweden and half Europe I believe the flighttraffic still is cancelled because of the Vulcan europtions on Island.
    Hope I spell this right :)
    Nice shot on the icy plane window !
    Have a nice week !


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