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My New Toy.... Ipod Touch 3Gen

Gone are the days of my addiction to texting. I love the freedom of not having to call or text here in the US. I was not obliged to reply to anyone because I did not get my phone's roaming activated. At the same time, I'm loving my new toy. I bought it this week and this baby keeps me awake everynight playing Plants vs. Zombies!. ^__^ Today, I got it uploaded with alot of apps, games and books. Now I know that I will not get bored on the 18 hrs. travel back to Manila. I wish the battery life is longer though.... Maybe because I've been wi-fi-ing the whole time.


  1. yahoo! welcome to the people with ipod touch club!

  2. is there such a club calvin?
    hahahaha.... ^_^

    Wag mong sabihin ikaw presidente? hahaha...

    I've been visiting your blog alot more because of the ipod touch tips.

  3. palaro ng toy *hihi*

    when balik mo sis? its my bday tomorrow :)

  4. awwww... di ko talaga mainstall ang plants vs zombies sa itouch ko. nakakailang download na ko. hay. :( hehehe adik lang LOL


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