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May 31, 2010 is Quit Facebook Day

Would you Believe there is a Group called Quit Facebook with a site reminding you to quit facebook on May 31, 2010... that is Today!...

Yeah, I have been contemplating of quitting facebook too.... it is quite addicting and I am sick and tired of checking my friend's facebook status updates!...That is called facebook stalking!...

Pero like a drug addict on withdrawal symptoms.... I still keep coming back and logging in!.. I really should join this group and quit facebook.....

Wait check ko muna facebook ko.... ^_^


  1. I know the feeling! I actually deleted my FB account last January to focus more in school since I was graduating that time. After graduation, I had it opened and voila! The FB account that I deleted is still the one that I'm using now!

  2. Gusto ko na rin delete FB ko pero isa kasi un sa way para malaman ko kung ok ba ung mga taong inaalala ko :)

  3. @ fjordz... ahahaha... adik!... adik sa FB!

    @ Lord CM... aweee!... at sino naman yang mga inaalala mo? ang sabihin mo.. para i stalk yung mga crush or ex mo... nyahahaha. ^_^


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