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Wentworth Miller, Oh No you didn't?!

 Michael Scofield, is that really you? What happened dear? I used to have undying crush on you!.. I followed your every move in Prisonbreak... and cried buckets of tears when the season ender finished you off... why the eff you had to stop taking care of yourself? ...

I have fantasized about you so much in this pic. It hurts to see you now looking like that guy in the red shirt above!... 
Anyway, there is a confirmation that you will be part of Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth installment to the Resident Evil movie franchise. I will have to see you again soon....


  1. kaya pala sya nagpapakalbo dahil kulot sya. kamukha syang kapatid ni seth rogen at jonah hill. hahaha.

  2. hahahaha.... i didnt know who seth rogen and jonah hill is but after googling them out.... i died laughing... nyahahaha... ^_^

  3. oh my, my mom and i are going gaga sa prison break because of him. he looks hotter in a bad boy look. haha

  4. Hahaha ang laki ng tiyan parang ako lang.

  5. @chyng..... same here... nagpakaloka talaga ako sa prisonbreak na yan... hahaha...

    @glentot... oks lang yan... ireason mo na lang, huggable naman! ^_^


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