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Nasal Congestion? Unclogged in 5 minutes with Drixine!

First of all, I need to apologize to my avid followers who have constantly been searching for news about me in this blog. Yeah yeah, I was busy... I was busy making myself busy. ^^  To tell you honestly, the inspiration to write and share was very hard to find during my down and heartbroken times. I even contemplated if it would be easier to finally shut down this blog. But the answer finally came last Monday when I received an invite to attend one event.

It was an event for Drixine Nasal Spray Decongestant. My mind and heart has been clogged by all negative and melancholic thoughts since Sweetypie♥ left that it affected my altruism and positivity in life. And as I've mentioned before, I always try to not vent my frustrations on this blog.  When I read the invite to Drixine Nasal Decongestant, it's like a sign telling me to de-clogged my burdened heart and put all faith in Him. The event also lets the participants ride the ziplines at Zoom Tree Top Adventure. Mind you, I am afraid of heights but I confirmed right away that I will be joining. It will be fun to try zipline even for just once. 

The event was held in Zoom Tree Top Adventure at Circulo Verde, Quezon City. I was really running a little late since I had to rush MoiMoi, my Shih Tzu to the vet. I will tell you more about that in a separate post. So then I took a cab ride to the venue. The venue was not that hard to find. Just go straight Calle Industria near Eastwood City and you will find an open field somewhat being developed into a posh subdivision. 

So here I am, in a new event. Met some new acquaintances and bonding with bloggers Jeff, Carl,  Jeman, Anton and Alex. It was a very fun event. We experienced the adrenaline rush. The ziplines rides are very fast!!! Much like how Drixine Nasal Spray unclogs stuffy nose. Quick, Fast and Easy! 

Click HERE to see a video of me screaming for my dear life riding this Silver Surfer zipline. 
Yes, It's Sam YG!
Before, whenever I have colds I just use menthol rubs or a menthol inhaler to relieve swelling and clogged airways. This is a little awkward since you need to whip out the inhaler from time to time to de-clogged runny nose. But seeing that there is a new product out there that gives relief in as little as 5 minutes, I became interested to know more.

Mr. Raphael "Affie" Carpio- Brand Manger for Drixine gave a brief overview on what is Drixine while Dra. Natividad Almazan (Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist) gave a discussion about the components of Drixine such as Oxymetazoline and how very convenient a quick relief can be obtained in using the product. The event was hosted by Sam YG. 

I never heard of Drixine before much less a nasal spray. How do you administer that? Isn't it awkward to do? Alex, another blogger volunteered to do a demo on how to properly use the nasal spray. And yes, it was less than 5 minutes and she felt already the effect of the medicine. 
Drixine Nasal Spray is a decongestant that provides fast relief from clogged nose associated with colds, sinusitis, hay fever and other respiratory allergies in as little as five minutes. It contains 0.05% Oxymetazoline, an acting ingredient proven to decrease the inflammation and swelling of the nasal passage allowing air to pass freely. Drixine is the newest product from MSD Consumer Care.

On next post, I shared some funny videos of myself trying to conquer my fear of heights. ^^


  1. Reyna!!!!!!! It's nice to see you back. Mga 1,000,000 times na ako nagpabalik balik dito. :)

  2. nyahaha! Charmpoooot!!! ^_^ sabe na eh! ikaw number one fan ko! wahihihi....

    missed me? I miss you too!


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