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Winter Solstice

Something good happened yesterday. My only wish for Christmas was granted - to spend a perfect Christmas with Sweetypie♥. And hindi naman ako binigo ni Lord. On the way home in a cab ride, I saw na ang beautiful ng moon. Yun pala winter solstice. 
Winter solstice! Yesterday marks the shortest length of daytime and the longest length of night time. Sunset is earlier and sunrise is a bit late. If you live in the northern hemisphere (say, Canada, Europe or USA), sunrise is approximately 8-9am and sunset is 4pm. If you live within or near the Arctic Circle, which lies 60 degrees above the equator, then you won’t see Mr. Sun. You have to wait for the next three months. Total darkness for the next three months. In other news, Australia, Argentina, south Brazil and New Zealand will be celebrating their Christmas and New Year at the beach. It’s summer in the southern hemisphere. Pretty cool, eh?

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