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My blogging life started as online diary. Nobody except my bestfriend knew I was writing. I intended to keep the blog private as it became like a sanctuary for me.

After years and a few blog name changes, I am proud to say that I am still online, blogging and has inspired a few more friends to keep a blog of their thoughts as well.

The interesting part is, I used to dislike my name but has now come to embrace and own it. Thus, I'd like to announce the new change in my blogname - Echoserang Queen, a braver and bolder theme and more interesting topics for the new year!

I am Making it LOUD and proud this year!

This is my entry for the Nuffnang's Tommy Hilfiger's LOUD contest found HERE!!.

Hurry click the link and join the contest! Only 30 valid nuffnangers who are loud enough to be heard. 
LOUD by Tommy Hilfiger

How to join:

1.  Open to all Nuffnangers who have at least one (1) valid ad unit.
2. Write a blog entry about whatever it is that makes you LOUD. It could be your unique fashion statements, your heart-warming sense of humor, or your faith that gives you hope everyday. It could even be a story about how you first loved and lost but survived and gotten tougher. Anything goes!
3.  Attach the LOUD by Tommy Hilfiger badge (provided below) at the end of your blog entry. (You may copy image and link URL for the badge)


  1. I also joined this contest and I hope to win :)

  2. What can i say ?
    Wow ... Keeps bloging.

  3. Thanks Mommy Jem!

    Thanks Claro!

    for visiting my site.

  4. wee! hope you win! :)


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