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Thoughts to Ponder About Priorities

I was asked today by someone if I live na in the US.... I answered no and asked her what made her think I am. She said because parang lage daw ako nasa US.. I told her that was just trainings. She asked me again why not mag apply daw ako and dun na mag work. I said, if an opportunity knocks, why not! But right now, it is not in my priority. I am happy here in the Philippines where I am with my family and dogs. My hubby working abroad is quite enough. If only theres a choice, I'd begged my husband to be here na lang and stay but sayang ang work and kita nya.

Besides, hindi din naman ganun kadali mag work abroad. Some people will think masarap ang buhay sa ibang bansa but I can say it is not! Mahirap ang buhay sa ibang bansa. One is lucky if they'd found work in the US because it is a democratic and free country. But think about what is happening now in Egypt. Paano na ang mga Pilipinong na trap sa gulo dun ngayon? How about our Middle East OFWs? We don't know gaano ang hirap nila na dinaranas for dollars na kikitain while away from their families.

I do think na although sige ang pagtaas ng mga bilihin sa Pinas at paglubog ng ekonomiya, kung magsisipag lang at magtutulungan, I still think I can raise a good family in the Philippines. At this point in my life, I believe family is more important than money.

How about you? What are your priorities in life right now? Whether it be Love, Friendship, Work, Family, Health or Money, please do let me know and share it in the comment box below.


  1. 1. family
    2. career
    3. friends
    4. myself
    5. hmmmm, si mhel?

    hahaha! ganyan talaga ang hierarchy ng priorities ko. im not even sure with the 5th one yet :

  2. nyahahaha... nakow.. kawawang mhel... :D
    pero ikaw nga... love yourseld first before you can love others... nauna naman yung love mo sa sarili eh.. so keribels na yan.

  3. I GET this topic to long time. I’ll add Favorites your site to read again .


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