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Things Pinoys Need to Learn about "Personal Space"

The other day, I was so annoyed. Is it too O.C. for me to say that someone is invading my personal space? .... or some people just don't get it that they are standing "too close" that it is uncomfortable and irritating na?! Call me maarte, suplada or maldita but  I really resent it when some people does not respect my personal space. It is an exception though if we have been bestfriend-close for years, or if you are one of my girlfriends/sisters, or if I had treated you as one of my confidantes or if you are part of my family.

What is personal space?
Personal space is the region surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs. Invasion of personal space often leads to discomfort, anger, or anxiety on the part of the victim.

Personal space can also refer to the "comfort zone" around a person's body. This space varies from person-to-person, but is usually a distance of a few feet and changes according to one's relationship to the other person. If one person gets physically closer to the other person than that person can tolerate, the first person is "invading" the second one's "personal space." 

Why do people violate personal space?
People violate personal space because it can be used as an act of intimidation, or sometimes people like to be close and they think that it is okay. Sometimes these people do not pay attention to boundaries and sometimes they just don't care.

Most people have a natural sense of appropriate physical difference and stay outside others' personal space, but a few deliberately invade the space as a way of dominating or intimidating. Some people may unintentionally enter another's personal space due to poor social skills, inadequate personal boundaries, or lack of awareness that the other person's zone of comfort may be larger than most.

How do you step into someone's personal space? 

By standing too close to them.These boundaries are very subjective and personal so you may cross an invisible line without realising it and invade someone's space.You need to be sensitive to the reactions of those involved-their body language may send out signals of looking uncomfortable when someone crosses the line.

Is there a law gainst violation of personal space?

There is no legal definition of "personal space." However, that being said, if a person continually and without provocation comes too close to you and gets within your personal "comfort zone" (e.g.: is "in your face" with menacing gestures, etc) it could be considered an assault if it is continually repeated and you feel physically threatened.

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