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It's been a year and two months since I got married. I know, ang bilis ng panahon. Ngayun pa lang ako nagsesettle sa pagiging Mrs. Ngayun pa lang ako nasasanay magpakilala ng "asawa ko". It's been a rough year and I know I was supposed to tell how I managed to pull a wedding together in one week. Yes, it was only planned, coordinated, organized and executed in one week. I still will have to sit down and get it all together and write details about it. So far, halo halo ang feeling. Minsan masaya, most of the time malungkot being a seaman's wife. In a year, 10 months kayong di magkasama. Pag nasa Manila siya, matagal na yung 2-3 months. So I guess, part time wife lang ang drama ko. Most of the time I'm in a single but already taken status. Di bali, according nga sa bestfriend Cyril ko who is also a wife of a seaman, sanayan lang daw ito. In a few years masasanay din ako. For now, I'll enjoy every moment na kasama ko ang asawa ko and I'll make it a moment na hindi kame nag aaway. Welcome back to my arms love.

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