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My First Glam Box Entry - Neutral Eye MakeUp

It's been a while I know. I have not updated much, not because I don't have things to tell but I am not sure how to get back to blogging. What best way is to start today. May 1. First day of my birth month. ^^

Today, Habibi and I went to the dentist for an oral prophylaxis! (iskerd!). Yes, I am afraid of the dentist and it was my first time for a dental cleaning. hahaha. We went to Dental City at Megamall and the doctors there are so nice. Habibi will be back next week to have tooth extraction. It's a good thing I am keen on my dental care and I only needed a simple filling. 

Afterwards, lakad lakad konti sa Megamall and checked some sale. I was able to buy some beauty loot. (Yes, I am into make ups now). Natutuwa ako mamili ng eye shadows and lipsticks. Naninibago nga ako kase gusto ko ng mga kakikayan. Maybe epekto to ng kakapanood ko ng "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". 

Nichido Make Up Loot (Very Affordable Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara)

Nichido StarDust Eyeshadow (Shade: Totally Neutral P168.00)

Color Sample Without Flash

Color Sample (With Flash)

My lower eye make up got smudged :(

Haha. I know this is not a beauty blog. But heck I cant help but share these narcissistic shots. 
Mood: Happy

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