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Hydroculture Plants

I've bought some hydroculture plants in cute mini pots. I have changed the plastic flower sa center table ko ng real plants. A friend said that according to fung shui, don't put plastic plants inside your home. It is better if they are real flowers or real plants. And while I was strolling Megamall the other day, I found this interesting little stall at basement BldgA. Infront of Surplus shop. It sells mini pots of assorted plants where I saw some cactus and little bamboo like plants. It interested me more when the lady was soo approachable and informative. I'll update this post with the stall information and plant information once I'm infront of a computer. The are the mini plants I bought for Php180.00 each including the pots and hydro pebbles. These are Fortune plant, Money Tree and Love plant. Where in I placed them at the center of my apartment. Good Fortune, More Money and Abundant Love please! Universe do your thing! (Nyahaha! I know, nabola ako ng saleslady.)

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