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.Fantastic 4.


The film starts off with Dr. Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffud) and Benjamin Grimm (Michael Chiklis) approaching the Von Doom building belonging to Dr. Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon). Ben is a bit apprehensive about it but Reed maintains a positive outlook that Victor will help them out.Reed puts on a really good 3-D presentation to Von Doom about going into space and researching a solar cloud that might unlock the secrets to the human DNA and help save many lives. Von Doom cuts Reed short and tells him that he knows why he's here (Reed is poor and declared bankrupt and needs funding from Von Doom). Von Doom is an ambitious guy who looks to expand his huge empire and decides to help Reed however he would take 75% of the profit from the research. He further provokes Reed by calling Susan Storm (Jessica Alba) to his side and introducing her as the head of the genetic research at his facility. Things are a bit icy between Sue and Reed as she hugs Ben but only gives Reed the briefest of handshakes.Reed, Sue and Ben get into an elevator and Reed proposes that Ben be the pilot on the trip but
Sue says that there's already been another pilot on their payroll, her brother. Cut to Johnny
Storm (Chris Evans) riding a motorcycle and kissing a girl in a flashy convertible. (I must say that
the comic relief from Chris Evans is wonderful, the audience was laughing so hard.) Reed and Ben
are looking at them through binoculars from the launch pad and they are unimpressed.The team of 5, including Von Doom set off to the Von Doom space station orbiting the planet and
they get settled in. Things are still frosty between Sue and Reed. Johnny prepares to send Ben
out in an astronaut suit to put some plants outside of the station and to watch the effect of the
cosmic radiation on them. Von Doom and Sue are on the deck watching while Reed is in front of
the computers when he realizes the the cosmic radiation cloud is approaching them within minutes
and not hours as he had predicted. He sounds the alarm. Von Doom is preparing to propose to
Sue and asks her to consider that as a promotion when the alarm goes off. Von Doom wants to
close the shields but Sue tells him that would mean that Ben might not get back in time. He just
replies casually with a, "Watch me."Reed gets to Johnny and they tell Ben to jump as he won't make it in time and Ben jumps. The
cosmic radiation overcomes the entire station and in a tres chic scene, we see the radiation sweep
through the crew just as Ben gets into safety.The next scene shows Ben waking up in bed and Johnny sitting by his bedside. Johnny looks
apologetic and tells Ben that the doctors did all they could. Ben demands a mirror and when he
looks into it, he sees himself as he was. Johnny cracks up laughing and jokes that the doctors
couldn't do anything about his face. Ben throws the mirror at Johnny as he runs out of the room.Johnny is getting ready to go skiing because the hospital is by the mountains when the nurse
comes in and takes his temperature. It rises rapidly and she goes, "You're hot!" He says, "Why
thank you, so are you!" They end up skiing together and he ends up catching on fire and he falls
off the mountain, bursts into flames and slam into the snow. The nurse goes to check on him and
she sees him naked in a smoking pool of water.Reed, Sue and Ben are eating when Ben starts feeling uncomfortable and goes off leaving the
two. Sue talks to Reed and says that while they were together, he was only thinking about his
work and couldn't solve the simple blank between the two of them. She tells him that she is
rarely heard or seen - and then she turns invisible. Reed is shocked and she looks at her own
hands and accidentally knocks over a bottle which Reed stretches and catches.Ben is transforming into The Thing and he is shocked so he flees back to New York to look for his
fiancee, Debbie. Reed, Sue and Johnny find him missing and go looking for him. Debbie is
shocked by Ben's appearance and she backs away scared, leaving him miserable. He sits on the
bridge and sees an office executive attempting suicide but Ben scares him and he backs away and
falls into oncoming traffic. Ben saves him but then a pile up occurs and Reed, Sue and Johnny
come to save the day. Johnny shelters a young child while flames engulf them, Reed grabs a
fireman falling into the river while Ben pulls the firetruck back up. In a funny scene, Sue has to
strip naked in order to be fully invisible as she struggles through the crowd to get to Ben. She also
uses a shield kinda force field thing to stop the flames from spreading. The news crew calls them
the Fantastic Four.They all go back to Reed's apartment (where Stan Lee makes a cameo) and try to figure things
out while Johnny gets restless and wants all the attention he can get. In a funny scene, you see
how they cope with their powers. Reed is working on a machine to reverse the process of the
cosmic radiation as well.Meanwhile Von Doom himself is changing, his whole body is slowly turning metallic and he can
control electricity. One of the members of the board decides to cut his funding and Von Doom is
pissed. The lights at his place start to flicker, things go static as his power grows.Johnny is doing some daredevil motorcross stunts and Sue sees him on the TV. She, Reed and
Ben go to confront him. Ben gets pissed off with him and crushes Johnny's new red convertible
into a ball of metal. Johnny shoots some fire at him and they fight but Sue breaks up the fight
and they leave. Ben is having a hard time adjusting and he goes into a bar and the only person
who accepts him is the bartender (who is his friend) and a blind woman called Alicia who tells him
that it's not so bad to be different.Sue goes to the street and sees her face on magazines and runs from the crowd, eventually
stripping to become invisible. Von Doom pays them a visit and is pissed that Sue is with Reed
and he blames Reed for the mission failure. Von Doom then goes to confront the leader of the
board and he kills the guy by shooting an electrical energy field, leaving a hole in the man's
stomach.Reed tests out his machine by using himself as the guinea pig and when he comes out Sue sees
him but the right side of his whole body starts to stretch and he falls down. Von Doom then plans
to take out the Fantastic 4 one by one. He approaches Ben first and tells him that Reed spends
too much time with Sue to care about him and that he can help Ben change back. Ben goes back
to Reed's apartment and Von Doom operates the machine to change him back. Von Doom sticks
his arm into the generator to get powered up as well and when the doors open, Ben stumbles out,
looking like how he was before the accident. Von Doom is gone. Sue and Johnny come back to
see him and Ben tells them to be careful of Von Doom. Von Doom has captured Reed and freezes
him, rendering him powerless. He grabs a bazooka kinda gun with a heat sensor and aims it
toward Reed's apartment at Johnny Storm. Johhny and Sue run to the balcony and they see the
missile approaching and Johnny jumps off the building. "FLAME ON!" He bursts into flames and
fly with the missile right behind him. He flies out towards the river and sees a floating barge and
shoots flame at the barge and the missile changes its course towards the barge and Johnny gets
out alive.
Using invisibility, Sue tries to free Reed but is caught by Von Doom who has to wear the
trademark mask now because his face is turning into metal. They fight and she releases some
kind of force field at him but he gains the upper hand and chokes her. Ben, comes clobbering in as
The Thing (he put himself into the machine again to change back) and saves Sue. Ben and Von
Doom fall many stories and land into a pool where they trade punches and the ground gives way
and they fall again into a big rubbish truck.They are on the main street now and are joined by Sue, Reed and Johhny who flies in. The
Fantastic 4 battle Von Doom and he just won't die, continuously shooting energy bolts at them.
Reed tells Johnny to go "Supernova", that's as hot as the sun, around Von Doom while Sue uses
her force field to stop the spread of flames. Von Doom tries to shoot his way out of the cylinder
of flames but it doesn't work and as the flames dies down, Ben breaks open a fire hydrant and
Reed contorts his body and directs the water at Von Doom, cooling him down rapidly. In the end,
he stands "frozen" to the ground. The crowd cheers. This was an amazing scene though I think
it's a tad bit short.The Fantastic 4, now in their normal clothes celebrate on a boat. Ben/The Thing is dancing with
Alicia, Johnny is surrounded by cheering girls and Reed and Sue step outside for a moment where
he proposes to her and they kiss. Johnny makes fun of Ben again and Ben chases him outside
where he takes to flight and burns a 4 in a circle in the sky. The End.Just when you thought it was over.....We see Von Doom in some sort of storage facility in a cargo hold on a ship. His assistant is with
some guy and they say that the journey takes 12 days. The guy's laptop starts to go static. The
cargo hold is closed and we see that the ship is bound for Latveria (in the comic, Von Doom is a
native of Latveria.)

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